Cesar Chavez

Topics: César Chávez, Human rights, United Farm Workers Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Many peoples goal is to achieve greatness. Some are born great and some are made great. But how does one achieve greatness? Being such can really impact more than people around, it can impact a whole world. It is not necessary to be Harvard educated to be that person, neither the next Steve Jobs. All you have to be is a person with positive character to make a positive change in a place with negative attitude. Cesar Chavez, among many others, has opened and created many pathways to a better future, either literally or psychologically. Chavez's impact is still felt world wide and lives between the people. He had made change in an area that needed to fixed, farm labor. His influence would help many children, women, and men receive their rights as equal citizens of the US. With teamwork, cooperation, collaboration, service to others, and education success is possible. These are the things Chavez emphasized and with it changed lifestyles and most importantly achieved greatness. Cesar was an activist and fought for the rights of people who were not given equal benefits. He was co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association in 1962. This allowed him to make a difference with farm workers and their families; for example, giving them health benefits, paying them in full amount, and also suggested health standards. This included rest periods, clean drinking water, hand washing stations, and protective clothing against pesticide exposure, which was a big issue and caused poisoning and even death. Chavez made it accessible for not only farm workers to have those benefits but also other illegal immigrants working inside the United States. It has progressively changed for the better but we still have problems today concerning equal rights. There are people out there working three jobs, paying for their needs, their families, and they are not given the same rights as others. This is a huge deal and it is not only illegal immigrants having this disadvantage but...
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