Certainty And Doubt

Topics: Epistemology, Pessimism, Optimism Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Alberto Guadiana
AP English
Mrs. Sparks
March 15, 2015
Certainty & Doubt
We find ourselves in a society filled of ideas and philosophies that often influence our actions and thoughts. These ideas and philosophies either make us more optimistic and confident people, or more pessimistic, thus creating a balance between the types of people who exist. Following ideologies or philosophies make people become certain and confident about what one is doing. On the other hand, being doubtful makes people worried and often anxious. Although it’s good to have some sort of realistic view/doubt as stated by Bertand Russell, it’s even better to be a person who builds confidence and proves pessimistic people wrong as stated by William Lyon Phelps.

Being certain is definitely a golden characteristic that people carry with them. From being certain, one builds every aspect of confidence. Being confident because of certainty definitely opens doors for one in a countless amount of places. Having that certainty shows others that one knows what they are doing and why they are doing it. Following philosophies and sayings help one stay on the right track and maintain that certainty constant without falling for other influences such as friends and family who know what’s better for one but it is better to just go one’s own way. For instance, when applying for a position in the ASB cabinet at my high school I was pretty nervous but I realized before the interview that I had the potential to be in there. Because of the spirit within me, the determination to make this school a better place, and the willingness to develop a better ethic and morale at my school. This optimism that I had developed by my certainty made me become confident of my persona and eventually succeed and become a member of the ASB. Without this essential characteristic one can’t really succeed because they are either shy or very timid and don’t have interaction with others. Avoiding...
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