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Cerner is a well know Information Technology Company that helps people assist with health in various ways and always trying to find ways to improve it. With any Information Technology Company they are going to have their advantages and dis advantages, along with other comparison to other Information Technology Companies. Cerner is a health care information technology corporation. With nearly 8,000 employees who puts all their hard work and dedication in providing a complete systems software for medical setting. Those medical setting such as hospitals, outpatient centers, and the private practices such as medical supply companies or dentist. Cerner helps all these medical organizations to help manage and organize their electronic medical records, financial information, and other physician data. ( 2012) Cerner was originally known as PGI & Associates. PGI & Associates was founded in 1979 based from Snomed Connecticut. PGI & Associates was founded by Neal Patterson, Cliff Lllig, and Paul Gorup. The main purpose of PGI & Associates was to upgrade the healthcare industry. With growing needs for technology and it’s advancements in software. It also helps with any other basic need for improvement while providing a code base for similar programs which is used in many countries for healthcare synchronization. PGI & Associates was later named Cerner in 1984. ( 2012)

Cerner has come a long way since 1984 by living up to their mission statement. Cerner mission statement is the following “To contribute to the systematic improvement of health care delivery and health of communities.” ( 2012)Cerner products are used in almost every healthcare industry setting. Hospitals and other medical setting worldwide benefit from the UNIX/Linux-based Cerner programming. Many hospital and medical staff within the medical field claims that the system operates within HIPAA standards. With the system operating within HIPAA standards makes following...
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