Ceremony Paper

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Hawaii Pages: 4 (1483 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The culture that I decided to pick was of native Americans from the World War II era. The book I analyzed to see into this culture was Ceremony. The main character's name was Tayo and he was half Native American and half White. Tayo was raised on the Laguna Pueblo reservation by his grandmother, aunt, and his aunt's husband after his mother had conceived him with a white man and left him. This leads to the major conflict of the story, in which Tayo was dealing with a clash of cultures between the Native Americans and White people. Since Tayo was technically from two different cultures in a time these two cultures were coming together and both sides half hated the other side. Tayo was stuck in the middle where the Native Americans did not want him because he was a white man, but the white people did not want him either because he was a Native American in their eyes. Tayo felt as he had nowhere to fit in within either of the cultures he belonged to. Tayo was raised within the Native American society and that is where he wanted to stay at in a sense. Tayo had just came back from World War II to the Native American culture after being completely exposed to the white Americans culture for so long. After returning he had a few friends that were also in the war that he could somewhat relate to. These boys were also in the war and fought alongside him, but they liked the war and would brag about being able to go and fight in the war. As where Tayo was upset by the war, because he had lost his cousin Rocky during the war. Tayo also believed that when he was in the Philippians he had chanted a prayer to get rid of the rain and when he returned home there had been a six year drought going on at the reservation. Around this period in time the Native Americans had been forced onto reservations as a part of racial segregation from the white Americans. Also, the Native Americans were starting to become influenced by the white Americans culture and it was affecting...
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