Ceremonial Speech

Topics: Public speaking, Public speaker, Idea Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Bethany Jackson
Mollie Murphy
Public Speaking COMM 111
18 April 2013
Garret’s Visit
I thought that Garret’s visit was very effective and beneficial for our class. He was excellent at public speaking. I do believe that since the first speech, our class has been exceedingly better at public speaking then we were to begin with. I thought it was amazing that he grew up with a debilitating stutter and listening to him, a person would have absolutely no idea because of how well he can generate what he wants to say. He doesn’t even get stuck sometimes. I think his job might be boring to go around and give the same speeches a lot but it is a remarkable story and it has probably impacted a lot of people. I liked that he used his speech as a workshop and discussed with us what happened that was effective in his speech and what happened that maybe didn’t work so well. I like him because whatever feedback we are to give him, he will take to it to heart and prepare it better for the next time he gives it. I think it is funny that he needs to write out word for word his speech and he cannot really improvise. Although, he did a perfectly fine job on being conversational with us without having what he wanted to say be perfect.

His gestures were very relevant and I was glad he went over that with us. Also, he made a lot of funny jokes which was good because he kept us interested. I think that if the crowd was larger, that his stories and speeches would be able to touch many people. Because his voice was so smooth, it was easy to listen to him for a long amount of time. You didn’t feel like you were being taught at or lectured to and he also made that point. He told us that we need to be able to talk to our audience not at them. I thought his volume was a little quiet, but that was just because it was his casual voice. I wasn’t sure if he was capable of being louder but then he was when he was making his radio announcer voice. His stories were also appropriate for all...
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