Ceramics Project

Topics: Pottery, Scallop, Visual arts Pages: 6 (2190 words) Published: October 30, 2014
1. Kala Stein in an artist who teaches at Alfred University. I wanted to find an artist who was somewhat local and Alfred is pretty close to Buffalo. She works with clay and plaster to create her pieces. This collection of pieces is called "Form and Plenty." I found her work at www.kalastein.com/gallery. 2. This collection interested me because it is so smooth. It reminded me of city skyscrappers or people standing around . Each piece was a different shape and size. I just found it interesting to look at. I also liked how the edges were a diferent shade than the sides. That gave it depth and character. I liked how the shadows became part of the piece of art. 3. This piece of work was hand crafted. Each piece is unique, so there will be no two that are the same. The artist did not state how she crafted each piece, so my best guess is that she used the slab method. 4. The prominent element of art that was used was shape. Each piece was molded into a different size and shape to create the image. 5. In this piece I see contrast as the principal of design method used because each piece is so varied. ************************************************************************************* 1. The second artist I choice was Mikael Carstanjen. He is an artist from Cape Cod. My grandmother has several of his pieces of pottery in her Cape Cod home. He uses a blue glaze and scallop shell motif on his stoneware. Everything that he does is hand-made. It is made of stoneware clay and finished with a lead free glaze. His work can be found in galleries and gift shops on Cape Cod. I found his work at kepler.englisch.us/ccarstan/Mikael_Carstanje_Pottery_.html. His pieces are not individually named, they are a collection of sea shell pottery pieces. 2. Whenever I go to Cape Cod my grandmother serves us the best meals and she always uses her sea shell pottery to serve them. They are always blue, with scallop shells and seaweed. They remind me of growing up at the ocean. She has given us several pieces for gifts, so now we have them at home too. I like that they are all unique, but share the same beach theme. 3. Each piece is made by hand. They are started on the a pottery wheel and shaped into the final design. Elements are added by pinching them on. 4. The prominent elements of art used are color and texture. They all have the same blue glaze with the three dimensional sea shell and seaweed added for texture. 5. The principal of design in this piece of work is the emphasis of the scallop shell. It is a different color and is made three dimensional to make it stand out from the rest of the piece. ************************************************************************************* 1. Another artist that inspired me was Andrew W. Tarrant. He instructs on wheel throwing at Alberta College of Art and Design. His work is inspired from cultural artwork or symbols. He then uses red clay fired in a kiln to create his work. The piece I picked is called the "Kasor Ceremonial Bowl". I found this at www.trespasser.ca/2013Galleries/Tarrant. 2. When I usually think of ceramics I think of bowls and platters. When I saw this artist's work it was so intricate and detailed that I had to choose it as an inspiration. I thought it was interesting that he was inspired by cultural artwork. I also like that he made "sprigs" which are molds of his work to duplicate the pattern on other pieces of his work. That made a lot of sense since his work is so detailed. 3. He uses all different techniques to create his work, however the piece was hand-made using a slab. The intricate patterns on the piece were created using his "sprig" molds, so that they would be uniform in shape and size. 4. Texture is the element of art that I see in this piece. Each section is unique and three dimensional....
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