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Topics: Design, Project management, Engineering Pages: 3 (717 words) Published: October 10, 2013
completed the 60 days work experience is one of the requirement which engineering student should obtain to fulfill the graduation requirements. As i am studying electrical & electronic engineering which covers different fields such as telecommunication, computer and eectronics, and management. I decided to take this oppurtunity and work with microstation software . Our work starts at some site outside the city. During the 60 days work, I had the responsibility to work with the copper & fiber based DSL network design team. The copper & fiber based DSL network design starts from the beginning of network design which comes out a telephone exchange building. the copper & fiber based DSL network runs from the main DSL connection board to the connection distribution panel. INTRODUCTION

During my course studies in the university, I had to study a course called network Analysis & design. In that subject I studied how to design and install different types of cable netwroks either in exchange, building or any commercial place. I also had studied the subject management sciences, In that course, I have studied how to manage projects especially the time frame and distributing the numbers of workers in balance during the project period. As a result, I had applied this knowledge for small projects I involved in. Also, from electrical and electronic perspective, we worked with different types of cables network design practicals, and I have gained some knowledge about how they are treated and made. In some cases, those factors helped us to check the picked-up noise in those cables and wires. PE1.2

Once our project manager went to office for one week. At that time I arranged a meeting with our client microstation-software to brief him with the complete design and all about its performance and its benefits for the company investment point of view as well as customer need of high speed DSL network. After...
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