Ceo of a Garment Factory

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One of the popular Chinese sayings in the garment manufacturing industry stated, "If you dislike someone, try to persuade him to engage in the garment industry as retribution.” This reflects how the level of difficulty and complexity of the garment manufacturing jobs may impact one's career. However, it was also this reason that may have sparkled individuals who are interested in the profession to take the challenge to cope with and overcome the complexity of this business; these individuals eventually would feel being rewarded with self-satisfaction, as a motivation for the effort of making a successful career and/or generating monetary profit for their businesses in this industry. Who indeed is the person that has created the self-satisfaction that lays a motivation for individuals who could make a career in this industry? Who is that person who has so far contributed to the survival of a traditional but important industry that is still so vital to the economy and society in a lot of countries? That is the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer, the Leader of the organization. This CEO is not only a talented businessman but also possesses the specific characteristics of an Executive for this special industry - the Garment Industry. We hereby abbreviate this as “ CEO MAY” which means “CEO in the Garment Manufacturing Industry." Now let's discuss what personalities a CEO of the Garment Industry should possess to help him survive and bring success to a Garment Manufacturing Enterprise. This discussion is limited to the case of Garment Manufacturing for Exportation."

Executive Summary

A CEO is the Leader of a business enterprise. However, a CEO in a Garment Manufacturing Enterprise possesses some specific skills and experiences from its own Industry, that help him survive the challenges and stress of this business.

Most of the CEOs in the Garment Manufacturing sector have valuable working experiences in this business. No...
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