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IIUM CENTRE FOR FOUNDATION STUDIES IMPORTANT EVENTS FOR SEMESTER 2, 2010/2011 (Sciences Programmes Only - Petaling Jaya Campus ) NO

Returning Students –checking the Course/ Subject taken/ Time Table/Class Schedule for Sem. 2, 2010/2011

25th October 2010 – Please refer to IIUM CFS website and Notice board at Respective Academic Department/ Any problems see Academic Advisor Website:http://www.iium.edu.my/asasi/ 25th October 2010- Classes /Venues and Group as assigned in the Time Table is fixed and no change of Group No )- Any problems see Academic Advisor during ADD/DROP Session. 26th October 2010 – DOSP counter STRICTLY FOR THOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVING PROBLEM WITH THEIR TIME TABLE ONLY ONE STOP CENTRE (AMF) -26th until 28th Oct. (9.00am- 12.30pm and 2.30 pm-4.15 pm) 26th – 28th October 2010 Venue: Multipurpose Computer Lab (9.00am-12.30pm/ 2.15pm- 4.30pm) 1st - 2nd November 2010 Time: 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. : 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Venue: For PJ campus will be held at Multipurpose computer Lab A 1th – 7th November 2010 DOSP Counter 8th – 14th November 2010 Print your CRS through STUDENT PORTAL Website: http://my.iium.edu.my/portal/page/portal/myiium_main_v3 or http://my.iium.edu.my/asasi/ (click at MyIIUM CFS)


Lecture Begin (Class start – Class Attendance will be calculated )


Collect and fill in the ADD/DROP form– at the Department of Sciences Programmes Counter. (DOSP)

See and get advice , approval and stamping from your Academic Advisor at ONE STOP CENTRE (at AMF) Do On-line ADD/DROP Session and submit one copy of ADD/DROP form to the staff in charged at the computer lab. Registration for Tilawah Courses (Code TQB1000B for Brother/TQS1000B for Sister)



Registration for Pre-Graduating Students for End of Sem 2,2010/2011 Printing of Course Registration Slip (CRS) for Semester 2, 2010/2011 through STUDENT’S PORTAL. ( COMPULSORY to All students) IMPORTANT: Student must print and check the list of courses/subjects that he/she registered for Semester 2, 2010/2011 –Please ensure the data in your CRS is correct in term of Course Code and Group/Section - any incorrect data /or amendment of data , please bring your CRS to Departments of Sciences Programmes (DOSP)Fine will be imposed for the late amendment of data (after 14th November 2010- RM 5.00 perday)



Print and Submit Graduation Audit Slip (GAS) for PreGraduation students for End Semester 2, 2010/2011. Submit One copy GAS at Dept.of Sciences Programmes (DOSP) counter Mid-Semester Examination

Students portal Website : as above


10th -12th December 2010 17th – 19th December 2010 25th December 2010 – 2nd January 2011 3rd – 7th January 2011 DOSP Counter 10th – 14th January 2011

9. 10.

Mid-Semester Break Collect of Course Summary Statement (CSS) for PreGraduating Students End-of-Semester 2, 2010/2011 Checking Master List for Pre-Graduating Students -End of Semester 2, 2010/2011 (For Final Semester Students only) Online Teaching Feedback Survey (TFS) – Compulsory to All Students Announcement for Students to be barred from Final Examination



17th – 21st January 2011


9th February 2011

18. 19. 20.

Revision period Final Examination for Semester 2, 2010/2011 M.U.E.T (Refer to the Admission & Records Department for further information) Inter Semester Vacation Announcement of Final Examination Result Semester 2, 2010/2011. Semester 3, 2010/2011 Begin (New Semester - Begin

9th – 13th February 2011 14th – 25th February 2011 Date for Registration and Examination of MUET , Please refer to A&R Counter.

21. 22.

26th February 11 – 20th March 2011 Students are required to refer to Student Portal/CFS website as above. 21st March 2011


** The Department of Sciences Programmes reserves the right to make changes when necessary.

1. During the classes/lecture period , students are NOT ALLOW to apply any personal vacation (ie: umrah, family vacation, family...
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