Centralia N.5

Topics: Case study, Demonstration, BLAST Pages: 2 (337 words) Published: December 2, 2012
PAD 500: The Blast in Centralia No.5 Case Study
Diana E. Johnson
Strayer University
PAD 500
Prof. Derrick L. Tinsley, Ph.D.
October 22, 2012

Four logistical alternatives Driscoll O. Scanlan could have addressed at the Illinois Centralia No.5 Mine
According to Fred Fanning, it is vital for public sector safety professionals, to be concerned with results and be focus on their purpose. The public sector safety professional must be pertinent to the necessities of the public by aiming on results, and not on activity. Fanning adds to his report that the tragic explosion which killed 111 miners in the Centralia Mine No.5 was of fiasco to center attention on results (Fanning & CSP, 2007). In addition, Fanning, states that, the Centralia case study, refers to a typical attention on doing things and not focusing s on accomplishing results. Countless control was taken in inspections, writing letters, having meetings and visiting the mine, representing a great amount of work. However, the case in question demonstrates without a doubt that, activity does not create results (Fanning & CSP, 2007). Among several logistical alternatives Mr. Scanlan could have addressed, was of being more urgent in the way he addressed each situation, he should have made to have the mine shut down. The letters were not taking seriously by the leaders in place, perhaps because they were not written aggressively enough, and did not demonstrate the severity of the situation. In fact, all Scanlan’s reports were sent to the Department of Mines and Minerals, were the letters were treated as a part of a routine without taking in consideration any of Scanlan’s recommendations (Stillman II, 2010).


Scanlan’s motivation toward the Constitution, bureaucracy, and obligation were all correlated. It seems as though he was concerned about the results of the inspections and to some degree desired to resolve the problems appropriately by addressing the Robert Medill, the director....
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