Central Station

Topics: Culture of Brazil, Film, Public transport Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: November 29, 2005
Central Station

Walter Salles, Central Station is a touching, well made motion picture that has very few flaws. The movie centers around a Brazilian woman named Dora and a little boy, Josué. This is a story of a cynical woman and a little boy's adventure to find his father of whom he has never seen before. Through the film there is a bonding of the two main characters and each of them greatly transforms each other for the rest of their lives. The script of this movie has a compelling quality, drawing us into the narrative and makes the audience really care about what happens to the characters. This movie should be known for its great story line and the fantastic acting from both of the main characters. Throughout the film there are many reoccurring themes that enhance the film. The main theme of Central Station is the transformation of Dora and Josué as the story progresses. At the beginning of the movie Dora is a nasty, retired school teacher who makes a living by writing letters for illiterate people in the Rio central train station. Instead of sending the letters like she says she will, she disposes of almost all of them. The epitome of her cynicism is shown when she sells Josué to the adoption agency that intends to kill him. Josué starts off as a little brat has no respect for adults. As the story progresses Dora and Josué become very close. The bonding between them begins to show when Dora collapses in the religious shrine and in the next scene Josué is holding her in his arms. From this point on Dora develops a love for Josué and this love changes Dora drastically. Through the love between these two characters Dora is transformed into a sweet, caring person who would stop at nothing to find a good home for Josué to live in. A perfect example of Dora's transformation is the fact that she actually sent the letters that her and Josué had collected.

Another theme that is present in this film is Religion. Religion is a reoccurring aspect of this movie....
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