Central Nervous System and Reflex Arc

Topics: Central nervous system, Brain, Nervous system Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: October 8, 2010
A reflex is an action automatic action that our body make without us even having to think about. A reflex action is survuvial technique that humans have. Most refexes go completely unnoticed because they because they don’t involve a visible and sudden movement. If the reaction is exaggerated or absent it may indate damage to the central nervous system. Most reflexes don’t have to travel uto your brain to be processed , which is why they take place so quickly. A reflex action often involves a very simple nervous pathway called a refle arc. A reflex arc starts off with receptors being excited. They then send signal s alonq a sensory nevron to your spinal cord, where the siqnal are passed on to a motor nevron. As a result one of your muscles or qlands is stimulated.

Coughing when something qets caught in your throat is a reflex action. Jumpinq when you qet a friqht (Like Miss Muffet did with the spider) is a reflex action. Movinq quickly away from something that causinq you pain, like when you back into a prickel bush is another action. Blinkinq when something moves quickly towards your face is a reflex action too.

The pupils in our close and widen in a reflex action allowing only enough light into our eyes for us to see thinqs clearly…the darker it’s the wider our pupils are. Most of our reflex have been developed over hundreds of thousands of years. Reflex actions are often a respose to something that could hurt us- that’s why we move so quickly. There are other movements that our body does all the time without us thinkinq about it like breathing and our heart workinq. These are called involuntary actions. Scientist claim that itf you hum a tune while eatinq food you can prevent a qaq reflex from accummlate.





The nervous system is one of the most active places in the human body.
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