Central, East, and South Africa

Topics: Africa, Centuries, Human migration Pages: 4 (818 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Central, East and South Africa (50 points total)

1. Trade and Migration
Trade connects people across great distances and leads not only to _economic____________ exchange but also to __cultural___________ exchange. Language, religion, scientific ideas, technological innovations, and political theories travel along the same routes as ___Trade___________.

2. Northern and Eastern Migrations
Around 2000 BCE, people of the upper Nile area and Southwest Asia migrated along the coast of the Red Sea and settled the lands known as the _Horn of Africa________________. They blended a _Pastoral____________ and an ___Agricultural____________ lifestyle. Some farmed, and others herded livestock. Located near the great civilizations of North Africa and Southwest Asia, these people also became traders. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians referred to this area as __punt________.

3. Bantu Migrations
Also around 2000 BCE, an even larger migration got under way–that of the Bantu-speaking peoples based in the forested lands near the Niger and Benue Rivers. The Bantu, who were primarily __Farmers___________, spread south and east, blending with local hunter–gatherers who inhabited the areas that they settled. Historians debate the causes of the Bantu migrations but many attribute the movement to ___the South________________. As the Bantu peoples spread, they carried _farming___________ with them. Over time, the descendants of the first wave of migrants would push farther south, spreading their __language ___________ and __culture___________ throughout the region. In time, as more people settled along the coast, they, too, would become traders.

4. The Rise of Kingdoms
Swahili: Swahili means of the coast in Arabic. The Arabs and many other traders have been coming to east part of Africa for many years. The mix of Bantu and Arabic languages brought the Swahili language. The people there are mostly Muslim.

Great Zimbabwe: The Bantu migrations resulted in the growth of...
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