Central America Notes

Topics: Costa Rica, Central America, Nicaragua, Latin America, Spanish language / Pages: 4 (913 words) / Published: Mar 30th, 2013

Costa Rica:

Tradition of Democracy * Longest consolidated democracy in Latin America (important to know). * Costa Rica’s democracy a bit more consolidated than in Panama. * Long tradition of democracy – goes hand in hand with concept of Exceptionalism. * Costa Rican’s feel different with their worldview – this is due as product of their colonial period – Experienced colonization and conquest as rest of Central America experience, good reasons. no labor or riches. Sets them on path to be different. Constantly hear them bragging about their political/economical status. * The 2nd republic of Costa Rica (1948) revolution took place. Laid foundation for democracy and future of democracy. Led to defense of Costa Rica without an army. Costa Rica and Panama were only two countries in Latin America to abolish armed forces (besides Haiti). Safe and secure democracy besides the fact they don’t have a conventional armed force. * Social Equality and Justice: World view and identity is the idea of that they are barely homogenious. Post central republic period there was an emphasis on social justice and equality. * Important roles and people in Costan Rican culture: Political parties have been entrenched – people’s attitudes towards the political parties is low. One of the most important political parties developed during the 2nd republic was the PLN…it supervailed as a dominant party today. * Political parties maintain some level of credibility within the system. You are not above and beyond the political party. The political party is important for getting you elected. In Panama, you didn’t need the political party as much. * The political system has been comprised of two dominant political parties, the PLN and the PAC. * Political parties help ensure and strengthen the institutions. Process by which people go in and out of power. * Social democracy – one of the most important institutions of the indoctrination

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