Central America

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6th Grade Central America and the Caribbean
Country Presentation
You will create a powerpoint, prezi or projeqt presentation about your assigned country (in Central America or the Caribbean). You may choose to work in partners, or individually. Four class days will be given to work on the project in school. If not complete after four class days, it must be completed at home. As homework, you will complete a “Country Fact Sheet” that will be the base of the information you will use in your project. Dates to work on project in class (computers will be provided, but if you have your own computer, you may bring that to school): Thursday, November 21st At the end of class-the program you have chosen must be decided and #1-2 completed Friday, November 22nd At the end of class #3-4 must be completed Monday, November 25th At the end of class #5-6 must be complete Tuesday, November 26th At the end of class #7-9 must be completed Your presentation needs to include but is NOT limited to the following elements:  1) location (Central America or the Caribbean….include a map) 2) geography (3 major landforms (mountains, volcanoes, valleys, etc) or bodies of water) 3) history (2+ major historical events, you do not need to include everything. For example: history over colonization and independence, revolutions, rebellions, etc.) 4) government (what kind, who is the current leader?)

5) religion (what is the most common religion/s)
6) tourist attractions (2-4 places to visit and information) 7) typical food (2-4 typical dishes)
8) money (what kind of currency do they use, conversion to the colon) 9) traditions (2-4 traditions, holidays, typical clothing, folktales, etc) Be sure to include at least 1 picture for each slide of information This presentation will be a project grade (30 % of grade)

Due Date: Monday, December 2nd. (EMAIL to Ms. Chrissy so she has a digital copy…please do NOT bring on USB)
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