Census Track 505

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My census track, 505, locates itself in York County Virginia. Its boarders run alongside the York River to the east, Williamsburg to the north, Newport News to the West and Hampton to the south of it. Within York County is a town known as Yorktown. Known as one of our earliest cities of our nation, Yorktown is home to variety of geographical components. Census track 505 is central in location to a variety of several other major cities and military installations, along side of several edge cities and leapfrog developments. Yorktown is the city that I belong to in my census tract of York County, could not be categorized as a Central Business District (CBD) yet rather a better example of urban sprawl. Yorktown maintains all five components of Sprawl; Housing Subdivisions, Shopping Centers, Office and Business Parks, Civic Institutions and Roadways. However, my exact location within Yorktown can be found in a Housing subdivision less than five minutes from a major freeway and moments from Historic Battle Grounds and civil centers. The land and the housing market are cheaper and more affordable further from my area of employment, thus contributing to my decision to live in an outlying community. To start my survey of York County off, in accordance with the 2000 U.S. Census statistics, census tract 505 has a total population of two-thousand four-hundred sixty-six residents. Of that total, the largest percentages of inhabitants were found to be in the age bracket of thirty-five to forty-four years of age representing fourteen percent of the total population. As I look around my housing development, I take note at the plethora of age groups. I would vouch to say approximately ninety-five percent of the inhabitants are in the age groups of folks in their late twenty’s to mid to late forty’s. Most seem to be married with at least two children. The development is fairly new, although very few lots remain vacant allowing for more potential buyers. This...
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