Censorship Necessary for Proper Education of Guardian

Topics: Soul, Philosophy, Fear Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Censorship Necessary for Proper Education of Guardian

In the Republic, Plato describes justice in a way which is very different than most standard definitions, which he says is worthwhile in itself. He uses the Greek word “Dikaisyne” for justice which includes within it the whole duty of man. He competes that justice is trait of soul in which men should keep aside their irrational desire to taste every pleasure and should carry out their responsibilities for the general benefit. Plato gives an excellent account of just society, which is protected by the guardians. Since nature is not sufficient to produce philosophical, spirited and strong guardians needed for the protection of the society, nature must be augmented with education. For proper education Plato describes censorship as is necessary for proper education of the guardians. Throughout the Republic, Plato gives the description of the kind of education that should be given to the guardians. Plato agrees that the education that has been discovered over a long period of time will be the best for the guardian, which is “physical training for bodies and musical training for the soul” (376 e). He thinks that musical training should start before physical training because the beginning is the most important part as the minds of the children are malleable and best takes on whatever pattern one wishes to imprint on it (377 b). Plato strongly advocates the censorship of storytelling by mothers and nurses because if children’s beliefs absorb false stories then they will become unalterable. He believes in shaping their souls with these stories rather than shaping their bodies (377c). Plato says that he and others should ensure that the first stories the young hear should be morally fit for them and the best ones to hear (378 e). To ensure this, Plato comes up with two laws that will administer the telling of the stories and it should be followed by the speaker and the poets in the city. First, the image of the god...
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