Topics: Violence, Psychology, Aggression Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: March 5, 2014
Nhi Nguyen
English 1
Censorship of Television Cartoons
Children have been more interested in cartoons since the age of two years. This has become a problem, as children can spend many hours a day in front of television watching cartoons, and the shows they watch may contain materials that are violent or not suitable for their age. Therefore, it is important to censor television cartoons. Censorship of television cartoons prevents children from imitating their favorite characters’ bad behaviors. It also decreases the bad impact of television cartoons on children’s psychology. Although many people consider television cartoons as harmless programs that can increase a child’s imagination, there are still some cartoons which may encourage the wrong kind of behavior and increase risk in child safety. Paul Farhi admits, “The authors declined to speculate about what effect watching G- rated animated movies might have on children. Decades of research into this question have raised the possibility that heavy doses of media violence can lead to violent or aggressive behavior in young viewers, although the precise link is unknown and the effects vary widely.” (qtd. in “Cartoons” C1). Cartoons make the violent scenes become funnier and harmless; they also teach children that violence does not have serious consequences. This could lead children to imitate what they see on television even they are bad. Children may become less sensitive to their pain and other’s suffering, or behave in aggressive way towards others, or be less likely to see anything wrong with violence. For instance, children watch their two favorite character cartoons fight with each other by guns. One character shot the other, and the one who was shot still showed up in the next episode as if nothing happened. Consequently, children think it is not wrong to use guns to play or shoot everybody since no one will die and there will be no damage. It is important to censor these scenes to prevent children from...
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