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This essay will discuss the arguments for the need for censorship in a society. Firstly, it argues that censorship maintains security by providing people with privacy and protects them against illegal material. The essay moves on to discuss social aspects that censorship benefits to a society, such as maintaining the culture of a society and conserving religious values. Finally, the essay claims that politics has need for censorship as it protects the innocence of members in a society and prevents public outbursts. The essay will conclude by explaining the importance of having censorship in societies, especially in modern societies.

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Arguments for the need for censorship in society

There is an importance, especially in modern societies, for the need of supervision and control of information and ideas that should or should not be made available to the public. One way in which information can be supervised and controlled is by censorship. In a society there can be arguments both for and against the need for censorship. Although most people believe in the importance of freedom of speech, there is also an importance to understand the advantages of having control of what is being said of written in a society. The arguments for the need of censorship in a society are mainly the maintaining of security, social aspects and the political issues.

The first argument for censorship in a society is maintaining security. The main reason for which censorship helps to maintain security in a society is by providing people with privacy. Without censorship writers are free to inform the public of any information they have. Typically in modern societies, where most online websites are not censored, information can be provided for anyone to see. This information can include personal information such as names and the issues that certain members of the society have been involved in,...

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