Topics: Censorship, Freedom of speech, First Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Controversy over censorship on the internet.

The internet since its beginning has always been has been a nightmare for the any government. On the one hand government has to encourage internet development and protect freedom of the press. On the other the same freedom combined with anonymity that run the network is seeing as a thread. Now a days countries like China have censor in one way or another content that harm their interest. Some may even punish those who express their opinions against the “national interest.” Millions of ideas are silenced and many others hidden. Meanwhile, freedom of the press, expression and the right to information not only protected by the first amendment of the US constitution but also in the Article 19 of the Human Rights are reduced to urban legends. This time, however, and unlike what usually happens in the physical world, the need to control the environment is not limited to countries with authoritarian regimes, but to America where many immigrants come to our country looking for freedom.

In order to fully understand the controversy over censorship over the internet we have to see the two sides of the coin. Pro and Cons. People against censorship and their reasons, people that support censorship and why they support it. For the supporters of censorship, they claim restricting the access of information is something that can provide benefits to our society. By censoring pornography on the internet, children are less likely to encounter it. By censoring certain types of images and videos, society can prevent offensive or vulgar material from offending those that it targets. For example, some would argue that society should censor material that is insulting to a particular religion in order to maintain societal harmony. In this way, censorship is viewed as a way to protect society as whole or certain segments of society from material that is seen as offensive or damaging. Some argue that censorship is necessary to preserve...
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