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CEMEX is one of the world's top producers of cement and concrete manufacturer and it is rapidly spreading across the globe, serving thousands of customer’s everyday through a worldwide network. CEMEX based in Mexico. At first CEMEX’s strategy are improve and increase their profit to more efficient by selling products and turn into selling of complete solution because they have difficulties in their business, because of lack of well communication system, weather changes, traffic jams and problems with building permits. In 1985, CEMEX developed a series of systems that would enable to manage unforecastable demand better than its competitors. A major plan was to build a telecommunication infrastructure. However, it was difficult to establish fast and reliable telecommunications between CEMEX’s geographically dispersed operations via Mexico’s public telephone company. They apply an information system that gives solutions to the problems, CEMEX Net was established, and it’s allowed data and voice transmission among the 11 production facilities in Mexico. And that CEMEX gain efficient production, distribution and delivery process. It is for the company to increase their productivity and manages operations well.

As the company because larger, more plants in different locations, management had a greater need for accurate, timely and easily information for performance review and decision making. CEMEX needs to be able to accurately detect and assess vulnerabilities to proactively protect the systems on its network. It also needs to proactively prevent data loss, especially the loss of intellectual property. Otherwise, with deliveries of bulk powders, mistakes are not simply an inconvenience. Should CEMEX deliver the incorrect grade of cement to a customer who then used it for the foundations of a building, this would be an incredibly costly and time consuming error to rectify. That’s the challenge was CEMEMX facing to ensure the right vehicle delivers...
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