Cemetery History

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Have you ever stop to think about the history of a cemetery you’ve once passed? The curiosity, could be so overwhelming to a person. Cemeteries, have a historical value behind each and every single tombstone. Cemeteries, also contain a sentimental value to the family of the deceased. Behind each and every cemetery their contains history we wouldn't have ever known. History, remains behind the names of the people who have died. As well as, why their bodies were buried in that particular cemetery? Therefore, there are many reasons why people who first started a certain cemetery chose that particular ground. For every tombstone there is, massive information is underground waiting to be acknowledged. So many questions running through ones mind …show more content…
In the Hillendahl Eggling Cemetery, there's settlers of the German Moravian buried among those grounds, but the cemetery does not contain any veterans buried there. Which as in the Tom Richardson Cemetery, White R.D. US army WWII, Brown Sebie, WWII, and Granes, Eugene Hill WWII veterans were buried in that particular cemetery. As well in Herbert Cemetery, Joseph Herbert, an early member of French Acadian migration was born in Lafayette Parish, he came to Jefferson County in 1842, he died February 25, 1865. Mount Zion Cemetery has 29 Confederate States of American veterans and two Mexican War veterans. Some that, include Blackmon, born July 25, 1881 died September 4, 1937, and Armstrong born December 10, 1916, died October 8, 1964 these are just two of many buried in this soil. In the Conner Cemetery a soldier was buried there his name is Moore, William Jefferson “Bill” he was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Last, but not least is the Fitch Cemetery where Robert Graves Stadler was born in Granville County, North Carolina, he was a veteran of the war of 1812, and the Texas war of Independence. There are over one hundred twenty-five veterans buried in the graves of Mixon Cemetery one veteran of War of 1812 is Isaac Blanton, born 1784, and died 1865. No information was found regarding Greenwood Cemetery, Tulus Cemetery, and Alief Cemetery about

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