Topics: Russia, World War II, Red Army Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: November 10, 2008

Industrialization and becoming a modern society was key ideology in Russia in order to compete with the other already industrialized countries of the world. Russia was one of the biggest and strongest countries, full of natural resources and not they had fully industrialized. Russian wanted to be like a European country but its identity was completely different from a European country. Russia pushed its citizens to industrialize quickly in order to close the gap and be able to keep up with the already industrialized countries. What the leaders of Russia did not know is that industrialization introduces ideological and philosophical changed in the mind set of people. In order to industrialize a country you must first unite a country which Russia had a difficult time doing since Russia is a very large country and it consist of many different ethnic groups. Russia had no sense of nationalism. Russia also had to pump out many natural resources into their factory which pushed peasants out of their farm land and into mines and factories. Russia was dragged into World War I, many hungry and badly equipped soldiers were fighting and dieing for an unjust reason. Many fled the battle fields and joined the farmers, who thought they were both being treated unfair by the bourgeois and revolted. In the book Cement by Fyodor Vasilievich Gladkov he describes the life of a common peasant in Russia that has returned form the war to the farm and motivates the starving Russian citizens to restart a broken down factory in order to bring life into the town. Russia is a large country and it has the man power to create good armies but when they joined World War I in defense of Serbia, Russia did not realized that they had entered a new period in time when welfare has development with the industrialized countries. Soldiers no longer rode in horses but in tanks, no longer were battles fought in open fields with swords and muskets but now in trenches...
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