Celtic Art

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Logan Fogarty
Essay 2 Rough Draft

Celtic Art

Art is translucent; it acts as a window into the creator’s world. Art portray not only aesthetic attributes but represents a viewpoint, a glimpse through another’s eyes via his or her creation. In Paul Jacobsthal’s article “Early Celtic Art” he takes viewers into the world of early art through the pieces created by the early Celts. Paul Jacobsthal states that, although the Celtic people were looked down upon as barbarians, their art holds no equal. He compares Celtic art to wide renowned Scythian art that has touched and influenced the far corners of Europe. Jacobsthal states “both in absolute value, and in the importance of its influence, Celtic art is beyond doubt superior to Scythian art”. (Jacobsthal,pg 113) Although Jacobsthals’ point is clearly stated in his blatant thesis, I believe he wrote this article from a biased standpoint. He may believe Celtic art is superior to Scythian, yet its only based off his opinion. Coming from an Irish background this topic intrigues me; it’s why I choose this article. Yet I ask myself whom is the Author trying to influence? At first I thought he was going after an audience that shows interest in ancient Celtic culture or art like I do. After finishing the article I realized the average viewer may not be able to take away the same message as someone who is trained in art analysis, or on who can formally break down a piece. Although the article narrows its audience through its subject and diction, a well-informed audience member will take away so much more than the casual reader. After determining the intended audience, it became much easier to determine that jacobsthal was trying to persuade his audience more so then entertain. Jacobsthal establishes his viewpoint clearly in his thesis, that Celtic art is a superior art form, and then uses supporting details about specific pieces that...

Bibliography: Jacobsthal, Paul. "Early Celtic Art." The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs Sept. 1935: 113-27. Print
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