Celta Assignment 2:Skills -Related Task

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Cambridge CELTA

Written Assignment Two

Skills –related tasks

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I acknowledge that this paper is my own work.

Trainee: Mileva Genadieva


Date: 18.02.2013

Receptive skills:

According to J. Harmer in his book The Practice of English Language Teaching, “receptive skills are the ways in which people extract the meaning from the discourse they see or hear”. In the following text “Playing with your food” the main skill that is being practiced is reading and along with it other sub-skills are being developed such as practicing new vocabulary, reading for gist in order for the students to understand the main idea. Enhancement of receptive skills will increase the rate at which students comprehend English language and allow students to practice new vocabulary in its context from the text.

1. Generating students’ interest in the topic of the text.

The teacher gives the students a picture of a vegetable and then a musical instrument and then writes the title of the text on the board, “ Playing with your food”. The teacher then asks students to take some time and make predictions what they think the text will be about. After that some of their ideas will be listed on the board.

Rationale: This activity will help students predict the topic and prepare for the vocabulary that might be used in the studied text.

2. Reading for gist.

The teacher will then ask the students to read the text quickly for a couple of minutes after which they will be asked if any of their predictions, from the listed of the board, were mentioned in the text. After discussing the text briefly students will be asked to read and answer the questions in Ex.1 (see attached exercise worksheet) in order to check if they have understood the general idea of the text. After checking their answers the teacher will ask the students “What is the main idea of the text?”, “ Is this something that you would try yourself?”.

Rationale: This task will help students to enhance their ability to read for gist and understand the main idea of the text. And will also help them answer general questions related to the text. (see ex.1 on attached worksheet).

3. Reading for specific information:

Teacher will ask students to read questions related to the text and then read the text itself to support their answers. (see ex.2 on attached worksheet). The students will be working in pairs and will check with the text if they find it necessary.

Rationale: This exercise allows students to practice reading for specific information for which they need to concentrate while reading in order to find the correct piece of information they are looking for.

Practicing productive skills:
As J. Harmer says in his book The Practice of English Language Teaching productive skills are a way of helping students with their receptive skills and in many situations production can only continue in a combination with the practice of a receptive skill. Productive skills are important for students, when they learn them in the classroom, as they help them develop a better and more efficient way to communicate and also in this way they learn the correct context of different uses and meanings of words and phrases. They follow the typical intonation and sounding of a language and naturally prepare for formal or informal conversations.

1. Writing:

The teacher will play a video of a short musical performance of the Vegetable Orchestra. After watching the video the teacher asks the students to write a short review about the orchestra and if they feel it necessary they can check with the text. The teacher will write on the board some lead- in questions for the students to begin with. - What was the idea of the musicians from Austria that made the so different from other orchestras? - What happens with the vegetable instruments...
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