Celta Assignment 2

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Second language acquisition Pages: 11 (2337 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Assignment 3 – Language Skills
Due Date: 29th March 2011
CELTA Trainee:

The purpose of this assignment is to firstly identify the receptive language skills and / or sub-skills that could be practised using authentic text, and secondly to identify productive language skills that could be practised in relation to that text. In addition, the assignment brief specified that tasks in relation to the text should be designed, with a rationale for their choice.

I have chosen an authentic text entitled ‘Traffic School’ for use in a Language Skills Lesson with an Entry 2 Intermediate class. I have chosen this text because the entire text focuses on a single topic, (i.e. speeding offences and how these are dealt with in most countries in Australia, Europe, USA and the novel approach to penalties in some States in the USA where driving is essential for everyday activities).

I chose this text over and above the other texts, because they were written in a multi-perspective style. I felt that the single approach of this text would be much easier for the students to understand, discuss and sufficiently expand, for the purpose of developing their receptive and productive language skills within the lesson. Simplicity, clarity and focus on a single theme therefore influenced my decision as these are the very qualities I would hope to develop as an ESOL teacher!

Furthermore, I felt that the text was:

Not written specifically for language teaching (“In a reading lesson we use texts that have been written to inform, to entertain, and so on: not to teach language.” – C. Nuttall) and neither did it evoke feelings of that specific purpose as did the other texts.

A good example of embedding numeracy in an ESOL lesson (i.e. speeding limits, fine amounts, costs of Traffic School courses etc.) and so numbers, calculations, exchange rates etc. could easily be embedded and brought into the discussion as part of the language lesson.

In keeping with the CELTA course training on managing receptive and productive skills lessons, I have arranged the lesson according to the J. Harmer and M. Williams processes and teaching phase analyses below:

“Reading and listening are known as receptive skills. Both of these processes require meaning to be derived from material that is being listened to or read.

Speaking and writing are known as productive skills. In the case of both of these processes language is actually produced.” (J. Harmer)

“In order to develop receptive skills, it is, therefore, natural that the teacher set a listening or reading exercise for the students. Although there are obvious differences between listening and reading, the basic classroom procedure for both is similar.” (J. Harmer)

“Three phases have been identified to enable the teacher to exploit a chosen or prescribed text to develop reading skills, namely, the pre-reading, while-reading and follow up (or post-reading) phases. (M. Williams)

The students will use the text I have chosen for teacher-directed reading, but in a student-centred way, in order to develop their receptive and productive skills. There would therefore be

Assignment 2 – Language Skills
Due Date: 8th March 2011
CELTA Trainee:

opportunities to practice the receptive sub-skills of skimming, or reading for gist, scanning, or reading the text for specific items of information and more detailed reading, in order to complete the follow up Task.


I will use this Phase to generate interest in the subject of the text and to give the students a reason to progress through the text and subsequent language skill Phases.

I will also use this Phase to introduce selected new vocabulary and language structure, which will enable the student to sufficiently comprehend the text.

Stage 1 - Lead-in

The students will personalise the topic during this Stage of the lesson. There will be a general discussion involving the whole class, on speeding...
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