CELTA assignment 1

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Assignment 1
Lexis and Grammar Analysis Corrections
CELTA Course
Fall 2013
Language Analysis Sheet: Lexis

Context of your lesson
Two people are talking about different types of superstitions and their validity. One of these superstitions is making a wish on a shooting star and whether or not these types of things work.

Lexical items and their parts of speech List the lexical items you think you might need to deal with.

Shooting star (idiom)

Focus on meaning. First write a definition of the lexis. Then show how you will show and check meaning e.g. labeling pictures, concept questions (with answers)

shooting star- a glowing star like object, as viewed at a far distance the night sky, being impelled, ejected or driven in outer space.

Possible methods of showing the students what this word means Eliciting the meaning through context, showing pictures, using an example sentences

After soliciting the meaning, from the students, put a picture on the board. We want the students to think about the meaning for themselves first before showing them a picture.

Possible meanings to give students:
A small glowing object streaking across the night sky that looks like a star moving very fast

Q: What do we call a small glowing object moving real fast in the night sky? A: A shooting star
Q:Why is it called a shooting star?
A: Because it looks like a star that is moving very fast
Q:Just because it`s called a shooting star, it is really a star? A: No. It could be a meteor, comet or asteroid.

Possible Example Sentences:
Many people believe that if you wish upon a shooting star, your wish will come true Some people think that shooting stars are actually meteors, asteroids or comets in space.

Language Analysis Sheet : Structures

Complete this, as far as you can, for grammar / function based lessons or skills based lessons where there is a clear language component. Use an extra sheet if necessary for vocabulary focus.

Target Language e.g 3rd conditional, modals of deduction etc Future progressive

Model sentences (if appropriate) A key eg of the target structure if appropriate This time tomorrow I’ll be playing tennis with John
Next year he’ll be studying abroad in America
Next week I’ll be attending the conference in Tokyo

Two people are having lunch at their work place and are discussing their plans for the weekend.

M : focus on meaning First state the concept (meaning) of the target language (T.L.). Then state how you will check this e.g. Concept questions with answers, timelines etc . This could include levels of formality for functional language. Use a separate sheet or make this section larger on your computer if necessary.

Expressing an idea that will happen continuously in the future. The time lines below gives a clearer meaning and express the difference between plain future and future progressive

Tomorrow I`ll play tennis with John Tomorrow I`ll be playing tennis with John

Q: What will I be doing this time tomorrow?
A: You will be playing tennis (with John)
Q: Is this future or past?
A: Future
Q: Does the action happen a one point in time, or is it continuous?(ask while referring to time lines) A: It is continuous
Q: Does the sentence: “This time tomorrow, I will play tennis with John” mean the same thing A: No
Q: Why not?
A: Because you did not put “ing” on the word “play”
Q: How are “will play” and “will be playing” different? A: “will play” is one time in the future, “will be playing” is a continuous action in the future.

F: focus on form Breakdown for students as it will appear on WB if appropriate.

Subject + will be + ~ing form of the verb

P: focus on phonology
What might cause difficulty ? Show phonemic transcript, stress and intonation as appropriate.

O = Major Stress
o = Minor Stress...
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