Celta Assignment 1

Topics: Romance languages, Grammatical tense, Grammatical tenses Pages: 3 (320 words) Published: February 26, 2013


1. The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow


Present simple for future time

The definite article + subject + verb in present simple tense + preposition + time marker

Anticipated learner problems

Students may add –ing to the verb as they may get confused by the fact that even though the verb is present simple, we are referring to a future event.

Concept check questions

Is he going today or is he going tomorrow?

Is this about the present or the future? (Future)

2. If I had a lot of money, I’d buy a boat

The second conditional

If + subject + past simple + noun, + modal verb (would) + present simple + noun.

Concept check questions

Have you got a boat? (No)

Have you bought a lottery ticket? (Yes)

Where did you have this conversation with your friend?

How much money have you won? (None)

3. You should go to the doctor


subject + modal verb should + bare infinitive + preposition + definite article + noun

Concept check questions

Will she go to the doctor’s? (Probably, we often take the advice of a friend)

Is she ill? (Yes)

Has she phoned to arrange an appointment to see the doctor? (No)

5. I’ve just had lunch


Subject + present perfect simple + noun


It is talking about an event that has very recently occurred in the past tense indicated by the word ‘just.’

Concept check questions

Are you going for lunch? (No)

When did you finish eating your lunch? (5 minutes ago)

6. I’m going to visit my aunt tomorrow


subject + present continuous of ‘go’ + infinitive + pronoun + subject + time marker


I plan to see my aunt tomorrow at her home as it’s her birthday.

Concept check questions

Do I plan to visit my aunt tomorrow? (Yes)

Is she coming to my house? (No)

Am I going to her house? (Yes)

Why am I going to see my aunt? (It’s her birthday)
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