Cellphones in the Classroom

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Cell Phones in Classrooms
Robert Morris University
Mrs. Ferda Omurtag
COSK 1221
March 22nd, 2012

Cell phones have advanced in technology tremendously over the years. There has also been some contradiction as whether or not cell phones should be banned in schools. Some people, such as the author(s) of “Schools Review Cell Phone Bans,” (2009) say that cell phones are a distraction to students while trying to learn; while other authors, such as the author of “Cell Phones in the Classroom,” (2010) Marie Bjerede, say that cell phones offer students the ability to branch out of text books and retrieve information from the internet right from a smartphone. When interviewed, Hunter Khaleghi, a student from Robert Morris University, said he thinks college students are responsible and capable enough to manage using cell phones in class, and that the devices should not be banned (personal communication, January 24, 2012). Cell phones have many diverse uses, such as communication, a source of endless resources, and storing/organizing data. The author of “Cellphones Now Used More for Data Than for Call,” (2010) Jenna Wortham, says “I use my cell phone to make out grocery lists, record voice memos, listen to music, track my caloric intake, and update my Twitter and Facebook accounts (para.1).” Some of these uses may create distraction in a classroom setting, but with the right guide lines and restrictions can be useful to students on a university academic level. Students are encouraged by many professors to use a laptop or notebook computer to take notes and do research in and out of class. Smart phones have the same technology and features as a standard computer, including Internet access and document templates. This allows students to have access to the information quickly and conveniently. College students’ lives are more often than not busy. Between classes, work, studying, and social activities, it can be a hassle to write down important reminders or events. One feature that all cell phones are equipped with is calendars. Some phones only allow the user to set a generic event and time, but newer cell phones offer a variety of options. These settings include, but are not limited to: selecting a specific ringtone for the alarm, whether one wants to be reminded via e-mail or text message, whether the event takes place all day or in a specific time range, how important the event is, what type of event it is, one can also invite people from their contacts to the event via e-mail or text message. Old and new phones alike generally give the option of viewing the calendar by month or by day. When viewing the calendar by day, on newer phones, on can see what time of the day they have events scheduled by viewing the highlighted areas. One can also manipulate this feature by changing the colors of the highlighted areas to coordinate with different events or classes. With so many options, the possibilities are endless. Cell phones are not only a way to communicate, but are devices that can help students organize their lives. It is also common for cell phones to have a feature that mimics a notepad. If a smart phone does not originally come with this application, it can be downloaded or bought. This is a useful tool for students in a rush or who just need to write a quick reminder. It can also be used to take notes and then a student can e-mail or print the document. I am personally involved in many activities outside of academics. My cell phone houses a great deal of my personal information and helps to keep me organized. I the iPhone, a very common cell phone among college students and people of business professions. I use the calendar application on average 10 times a day to keep track of assignments, events, meeting, birthdays, and other important reminders. I also use an application that houses the things I need to do. This specific application allows me to set an alarm to remind me to complete...
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