Cell Phones=Cancer?

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Nov 09, 2010
Cell Phones = Cancer? You may have heard on the news or even from your own mother that holding your cell phone too close to your head or using it too much will cause brain damage. Can such a small device really cause such harsh damage to someone’s brain or is it just an urban legend? Ron Pawl, of Center for Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation, disagrees and believes the dangers of cell phones are all too true. On my stance I would have to agree with Pawl; cell phone companies need to be aware of the dangers their products can cause, or are the companies already aware and just don’t care to do anything about the devices? Either way the companies producing these devices need to get up and do something about it. Pawl states in his editorial, “Cell phones are more dangerous than cigarettes!”, in Surgical Neurology, “The long term use of cell-phones was leading to brain tumors and was more dangerous to health than smoking cigarettes” (Pawl 445). To actually believe that over time the use of a cell phone is more harmful than the tobacco and nicotine inhaled by smoking is a shocker. Although the cell phone itself may not create and spark some sort of new cancer, it is said that cell phones do increase the chances for gaining other health problems (Pawl 445). Pawl also brought up something called EMF’s (electromagnetic fields). Electromagnetic fields can cause all sorts of problems to the human body from nausea, dizziness, headaches, etc. With this sort of exposure from a cell phone over a long period of time, even starting at a young age has a much greater risk. Also over time exposure can cause things such as ipsilateral, glioma, and acoustic neuroma (Pawl 445).
I also found the same information in “The Reality of Mobile Phones and Cancer”, written by Michael Repacholi. He says in the article “This research shows no clear link between phone use and cancer, though it does not rule out the possibility of a

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