Cell Rap

Topics: Cell, Organelle, Golgi apparatus Pages: 3 (458 words) Published: October 25, 2008
Animal Cell Song

I’m here to talk to you about animal cells.
They are made up of many organelles.

Chromosome, nucleus, those are a few
They need them to live like me and you.

Well we’ll start with the nucleus the “command center.” It’s the brain of the cell and keeps it away from danger.

It’s a safe haven for the chromosomes.
They store DNA like our own.

The precious DNA carries our genes.
Genes tell the cell what to do like info. machines.

Now let’s talk about the mitochondrion.
Without this organelle, the cell would be gone.

It’s the powerhouse; it produces all of the food.
It gives the cell energy which allows it to move.

What’s this clear, jelly fluid doing inside the cell?
Oh, it’s cytoplasm, another organelle.

Its job is to keep the organelles in place.
It keeps them all suspended and takes up a lot of space.

Hey, look here, it’s a ribosome.
It produces lots of proteins and it functions alone.

They catalyze all of the cell’s proteins.
They are scattered throughout the cell, many are unseen.

Let’s move on to the vacuole, it’s very large.
It stores water and food and it’s in charge

Of foods and wastes. It’s enclosed in the cell.
Now let’s move on to another organelle.

What’s that system of membranes that I’m thinking of?
Oh yea, the endoplasmic reticulum.

Its job is to transport proteins and other materials.
It’s made of rough proteins and other smooth materials.

The Golgi apparatus what a cool name is that?
It’s made up of things like membrane vesicles and sacks

That store package proteins which are sent out of the cell
Through vesicles that travel to organelles that need help.

Now we’re at the lysosome, what does it do?
It stores digestive enzymes so the cell can break down food.

Lysosomes can also recycle cell parts
Once they’re old and useless, it brings light to the dark.

Oh no! I can’t get out! This boundary is too tough!
The cell membrane takes in lots of different...
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