Cell Phones While Driving

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Mkaul Filley
Nancy Nelson
Eng. 101
9 January 2013

Cell Phones While Driving

In the world we live in today, everything is about convenience and time. Unfortunately, many have taken modern day technology and combined that with extreme carelessness. When this occurs, the outcome is devastating. Throughout the years, cell phones have become the “in thing.” Many are using this technology to call, text, Facebook, and Tweet. With new distractions, comes less time to focus on reality. In a recent study, 34% of teens have stated that they have texted while driving a vehicle, and 52% of them have stated they have talked while driving a vehicle. In my opinion, that is complete selfishness. In that moment of receiving a text or call, they are only thinking about themselves, not the people they could hit, injure or kill. I would like to see every state in the United States have laws against using cell phones while driving; therefore, there would be less distractions, death, and guilt for more then half of the citizens in this country who use a cell phone while driving.

One of the top rules in driving is to block out every distraction and focus on the road. However, through technology and mental brainwashing, society has found it acceptable to use cell phones behind the wheel. When a cell phone is in your hand while you are driving, this creates a physical deficiency and a major distraction to you and your brain. Even the most accomplished, proclaimed multitasking individuals, do not know the exact timing when someone will cross the road or turn the corner. The unknown is what causes these distracted drivers to crash. When one takes his hands off the wheel or eyes off the road, even for a split second, this person is risking more then just a missed call or text. A test was set up with truck drivers at Virginia Tech. Trucks were fitted with cameras that recorded the drivers face in the six seconds before the accident occurred. Shocking evidence was found after...

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