Cell Phones in School.

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, High school Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: April 29, 2011
Should cell phones be allowed in school?
Yes. They should be allowed in school. Used in class, yes. They must have it on vibrator thought and can't answer it while a teacher is talking. And you can't disturb you class. In other words, someone in "Twee tribune" believes that cell phones should be allowed in school but a good handle full of students believes that cell phones should not.

Cell phones are an electronic device that is used to make mobile telephone calls across a wide geographic area. Teens use their cell phones a little bit differently. 94% call their friends, 76% text message, and 38% text message daily. However, over the years technology has came up with some really cool apps in phones these days such as playing games or even browsing the internet. But the question is should cell phones be allowed in school?

Many students and parents believe that cell phones should be allowed in school but the question is how well do you do in school while being able to use your cell phone. I bet that being able to use phones in school just makes us not pay attention when being thought a lesson or even simply remembering to do the homework we got assigned in class because we are to into our phones and just not pay attention to what was being said. Cell phones are nice to have yes. But do we care more about what’s going on this weekend or have an education?

A lot of people complain that being able to use cell phones in school would help out with emergencies. Maggie Rowan states that "Cell phones should not be allowed in school because it would become too much of a distraction towards students" Anyone familiar should see that cell phones can become a distraction weather its calling, texting, or even playing a simple game. But many others believe that they can us their cell phone while a teacher is teaching a lesson and others won’t find it distracting but its only common that once a student sees his or her classmate with a cell phone the common thing to...
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