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Cell Phones- How Have They Changed Us Socially?

By JellenaD Mar 26, 2013 385 Words
Some people might find it hard to believe that there was once a time when cell phones weren’t around. Having to recall a time when letters were used to get messages back and forth from one person to another. Then slowly we added the addition of phones.

In the beginning phones were just a way to contact people if they happend to be home when called. Then we invented cell phones. With them we can make and receive calls in almost any location and we can send text messages . Cell phone use has increased in the past years because is really easy and economic to have one. Year into year cell phones become better and better. Today , except making and receiveing calls and also texting messages, we can do a lot of interesting things with them. For example we can listen to music, record voice notes, make video clips, play games, take pictures, access the internet and many other things.

But there is also a bad side of cell phones. They affected the way we socialize these days; if you notice people are starting to text their friends and family instead if actually speaking verbally. Many adolescents and also older generations spend more time sending text messages or chatting on Facebook than speaking You go out to dinner and look around and see people out with family but there is no conversations going on at the table mostly just huh… yeah… mmhm.., because they are busy texting someone not there on their phones. I feel human communicant is slowly disappearing among friends and family. You even see parent’s texting their kids when in the same house to discuss something with them. Our communication between each other is depending on a little electronic device. People use cell phones in public places, and during church.   I have even seen ten-year olds walking across the street texting their friends instead of paying attention to the cars.

If things continue like this, I feel we will forget how to deal with certain communication situations face to face. If you ask my opinion, I would very insulting to get dumped over a text. If you think that is bad you should have seen the percentage of people who admitted texting or talking on the phone while using the toilet

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