Cell Phones are Dangerous

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Traffic collision Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: October 4, 2013
 Cell Phones are dangerous
Cell phones have consistently evolved both in function and design ever since Dr.Martin Cooper first invented the wireless handset in 1973. In those days, cell phones were merely used to make calls and store numbers. Contemporarily, the cell phone has evolved into a multifunction device with heterogeneous functions added including video camera, text messenger and so forth. As a result, this has changed in the way people use the cell phone. Despite all the obvious benefits these functions provide, this essay aims to argue that cell phones are dangerous specifically on crimes, distractions and health threats.

Firstly, cell phones are easily used as crime devices as they are very mobile friendly. This however, caused some individuals to misuse it in conducting personal and intrusive crimes. In 2012, ABC News reported a teenager caught brazenly slipping his cell phone camera under a woman’s skirt capturing a video. It is reasonable to argue that voyeurisms can be conducted using actual hidden cameras. However, with cell phones being the more common and personal device, peeping toms often turn to cell phones to discreetly commit these crimes. Despite that, smartphones and cell phones are useful to overcome these crimes. They have become a regular part of criminal investigations because they are now owned by most people and provide information about a person’s whereabouts and contacts. The police these days often encourage citizens to use their cell phones to report crimes and send in tips (South Source,n.d). This, as Sue (2013) proclaims, helps victims feel more comfortable as they know where a criminal is. However, one can dispute that cell phones may be the main cause of these crimes. The availability of cheap cell phone spyware makes it easier for stalkers to track their victims ( News 10 abc, 2013). Clearly then, cell phones are easily used as crime devices.

The next reason to emphasize the dangers of cell phones is...
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