Cell Phones and Effects on Youth and Society

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History of mobile phone:3
Impacts of mobile phone:4
Biological impacts:4
Cultural and social:4
Positive impacts:5
Survey report:6
Statistics of cellular companies:11

The mobile phones have created a revolution in the communications in today’s world. While every youth is Bombarded with the ill effects on the health of the user of the mobile phones, does this information, in any way, impact the usage of the phone by the youth? How does mobile affect the relationship of the user and her/ his close relationships?

The whole world is accepting and adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology. The youth is playing a vital role in this rapid pace. The strong and mighty cultures are toppling the frail ones.

Cell phones affect our built environment, most notably in the form of widespread advertising, not just in industrialized cities, but also in the third world. Unlike the Internet, which has sparked fears of a “digital divide” between the industrialized and developing worlds, cell phones have become popular all over the world. The cell phone is portrayed as glamorous, but also inexpensive. Many users decorate and personalize their phones, giving rise to folk art cottage industries. The cell phone has become a kind of art in itself, in which a user's choice of phone and decoration acts as a kind of personal statement.

Cell phones seem to prioritize communication with distant people over those sharing one’s space, and the ethics of this new behaviour are not universally agreed upon.

The ubiquity of the cell phone has caused changes in certain cultural norms, as well. Businesses, movie theatres, parks and restaurants are just some of the spaces in which the appropriateness of cell phone conversations is disputed and unclear.

Unfortunately the countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh have strong cultural values, norms and customs that are easily fettered by the western cultural onslaught. Our youth is concentrating on some bad choices.

In this global village, firstly our youth was allured to divert their attention towards the internet. They have changed a lot by the usage of internet. A few of them have inclined for knowledge, information, awareness and exposure but the majority of them appear to have misused the internet. The telecommunication companies in our country have been inclined towards introducing new and attractive packages for youth like Mobilink (ladies first, happy hours), Warid (zem series), Ufone (public demand, prepay life panch ka pandra, u circle) Telenor (talkshawk Aone, djuice) and Zong’s life package

The question arises why these companies are introducing these packages without the social mobilization to check the mindset of the youth. Are they trying to facilitate the common man or only youth? We think except on very urgent occasions ordinarily no one would like to talk after midnight.

All necessary and normal interactions can be dealt with during daytime but the companies offer the packages that start after end of family or business communication. My feeling is that these packages are more likely to spoil and ravage our youth than to do anything else.

In our youth segment the majority is student community that is spell bounded by these packages. They are losing the essence of their profession/studies. They are derailing and deviating themselves. They are getting away from their goals, destinies and motives. Their minds are becoming stagnant and static. Creativity and innovation is blocked by the consistent telephonic conversations spread over the whole of night.

Cell phones are the way to stay connected with family and friends, access the Internet and in some instances, get into trouble. The impact of cell phones on today's youth is astronomical. All the cool kids have a phone and know how to text faster than most can type on a full-size keyboard. However, cell phones have become a...
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