Cell Phones and Driving, Never Ending Fight

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Push-button telephone Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: August 13, 2010
Cell Phones and Driving, Never Ending Fight

Cell Phones and Driving, the Never Ending Fight
It’s a difficult issue, and everyone is going to have their own opinions, but I believe that talking on cell phones while driving should not be illegal, while texting and driving at the same time should be band. The issues have been around since cell phones were first introduced to the public. Some people agree that cell phone can be used when driving, even if they are texting, while others disagree that cell phones shouldn’t be in the turned on while the car is on. Talking on a cell phone and driving should not be illegal for multiple reasons. Talking on the cell phone really isn’t any different than talking to someone in the car with you. Sometimes it can make a person a better driver. For example, I have ADD, and while driving on long trips it can be hard for me to concentrate on the road. I have a tendency to get distracted by people or scenery. If I have music on, or I am talking on a cell phone, then I can focus on the road easier. My mind is busy and doesn’t have time to wander. Some may argue that a danger in talking on a cell phone is dialing people. Dialing is actually as easy as talking on the phone. Most people have been using phones since they started having full conversations with people. A part of using a phone is dialing a number, and numbers on cell phones don’t change positions. Therefore the placement of these keys become memorized. People never have to look away from the road while driving and dialing. With all of this taken into consideration, talking on a cell phone and driving should not be outlawed. Texting while driving down the road is a completely different story. Some may argue that they have the keys memorized, same as dialing and driving, but in order to read the text, it takes full attention on the phone. Therefore your eyes are going to be leaving the road for some time. When not looking down at the road, drivers have a tendency...
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