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Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Cellular network Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: October 18, 2013
First, cell phones are impersonal and rather anti-social. If a kid were using their phone to text during class all the time, they would not need to be as good at actually talking to others, which would degenerate social skills, which are very important in life for jobs, creating good family relationships, and making and keeping friends. It is not just about safety or reassurance. Yes, I want my kids to call each morning when they arrive at school and each afternoon when they leave, and there are so few pay phones anymore on which to do that. However, my children's lives are also enriched by the freedom to travel to a variety of extracurricular activities or social engagements without an adult chaperone. That is only possible because an adult is just a phone call away. If children are not allowed to keep their cell phones during the school day—off and in their backpacks or lockers—the school system is governing my parenting and my children's behavior during non-school time. The affecting school has no such right. Besides, teachers should be teaching, not spending precious time tagging and bagging confiscated electronics.

Secondly, the mobile phones can be a distraction to the students if the school allows them to bring. For instance, during lesson time, it is known that students cannot use it when the teacher is teaching. Some students may just use it underneath their desks or behind their textbook and ultimately this will affect their grades. Lastly, bringing mobile phones to school will only increase the temptations of other students to steal the phones. As some students have the newest, latest phones like the ‘iPhone 4s’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy S2′, some bad students may keep a look out and might steal from them. Not only will the victim be disheartened, the thief will think that he or she will be able to get away from it every time. However, there are some reasons why mobile phones should not be banned in schools. For example, if there is a family emergency...
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