cell phone while driving

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Cell Phone Use While Driving
April 29,2013
Cell Phone Use While Driving
It cannot be denied that science and technology have been instrumental in helping us in our daily lives, especially with regards to the way we socialize with each other. Technology has inherently made the world a small village, with communication becoming a tool that is accessible almost everywhere at any given time. One of the most noticeable faces of current communications technology is the cellular phone. Also known as a mobile phone, a cell phone these days have become the primary way by which people connect with each other effectively. It is estimated that around 111 million American citizens use cell phones (Glazer). Though, whereas the cell phone has been tremendously beneficial, it must be noted that many experiments conducted have figured out that these gadgets cause distraction, especially when driving. Whereas in the past distractions in moving vehicles were caused by a stereo or a child sitting at the back as well as maps or other forms of stimuli, the cell phone has been gradually replacing them. Occupational calls, personal calls, and instant messages along with social network updates are now buzzing out of a mobile phone causing distraction. The results indicate that this habit should be stopped. However, I got a speeding ticket for and the court suspended my license, so to release the suspension off my license I had to attend a driving improvement clinic. In the class an old lady was talking about driving and speeding, she started with her teen girl that had an accident while she was texting and now she walks on a wheel chair, and had a terrible life trying to find the treatment of her disability. Whenever, I tell this story to my friends I find out that people are neglecting the dangerous of distractions in the car. Thus, I tried to write this beneficial research to stop this cruel phenomenon. So, I had two questions with long answers to...

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