Cell Phone Should Be Banned

Topics: Mobile phone, High school, Youth Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Cell phone is the most effective device around the world.Not only the people who work somewhere but also adolescents use it.Using a cell phone causes some problems among youth.My opinion is that cell phones should be banned at high schools. To begin with,as the whole researchers have mentioned,cell phones are bad for health,especially the young ones.The most bad effect of using cell phone is that cell phones affect on human brain,such as headache.However,it is becoming more and more serious as time passes.Because young people are not aware of the importance of their health which may be significant.If it is not noticed,it will cause death at a young age.Cell phone is the cause of psychological issue. Another major reason is that cell phones distrupt students.While they are studying a lesson in the class with their teachers,cell phones start ringing or someone send a massage.Students want to check it or who called.Then,they are afraid of being caught by their teacher.When they receive a massage,students want to see ;however, as they do not want to get called by their teacher.They try to get patient.Still,they cannot focus on their lessons.Moreover,they can be used for evil purposes.They could themselves in trouble.For example,they record a video or copy something which is necessary for them.According to a research carried out by high school administrators,almost 60 children are caught by their teachers each month. On the other hand,people argue that cell phones are needed for communication at school.They can get information.In the past,students couldn’t cell phones to communicate with their parents,but still,they could,and researches can be done from books and other sources.However,people should not forget that if they want to contact their child or other students,they can call the headmaster.Apart from this,smart phones may help students access information and they can be entertaining during...
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