Cell Phone Etiquette

Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Face Pages: 1 (473 words) Published: October 21, 2008
Cell Phone Etiquette
Everyone has had that experience, at the movies, out to dinner or even at a meeting and all of a sudden that new hot song starts playing and you realize that it is a ring tone. If it is only once then do not worry about it, but, if it seems to happen all the time it is a problem. There is a time and a place for the use of cell phones and then there are times when they should not be used. Dinner at a restaurant is neither the time nor place to be receiving phone call. When going out to dinner the first thing someone should do is turn off there phones. If one must be available put the phone on vibrate. If the cell phone does not have vibrate mode, it is probably time for a new one. If that important call comes in that the person was waiting for during dinner, do not just answer the phone at the table. Excuse yourself and walk to an appropriate spot whether it is in the restroom or even outside, just because it is important to you it does not mean all the guests in the restaurant want to hear about it. Restaurants are not the only place cell phones can be inappropriate. The movies are a time to get away from work and all the outside hassles, so turn off the phones. If one does happen to forget both “off” and “vibrate” and the phone rings, silence it as quickly and unnoticeably as possible. No matter who it is, do not answer it. If it is important, go out to the lobby area and call back. But when they come back in from the lobby, one should put it on vibrate. Cell phones ringing at the theaters are annoying and rude but there is one place and time that is far worse to receive a call. The rudest time to answer a phone is when there is a face to face confrontation going on. It is never proper to answer a phone in these situations. Do not talk on the phone while someone is trying to take an order in a restaurant. If the phone call has started before the face to face encounter, then the proper thing is to ask the person on the phone to hold. Take...
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