Cell Phone Essay

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September 12, 2012
Article of the Week

The article ''Turn Off the Phone (and the Tension)'' is an immensely good article for a close reading. First it has many details on why the author made the many points that she did. In addition, the use of other sources or people greatly improves her argument. Jenna Wortham talks about how “smart phones and social networks have become lifelines”(Wortham), and the fact of the matter is that it is true. People all over the world use social websites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. A large part of humanity rely on these sites so much that whatever they do has to be posted. Any place that they are at, always has to be posted and that point is proven with the first paragraph of the article. Not only does Wortham use situations, but she throws in another good inference. The use of actual supporters of her theory proved very useful in this article. Joshua Gross is the best asset to relate too. He puts it plain and simple, “we are over communicated”(Gross), and it simply relates to us that you do not need a hundred connections telling you what is going on in the world. Your phone is enough but you do not have to be attached to it. Even when I go to a rink to play hockey, I see parents who are surfing the web, or even texting instead of watching there kids play!! Are you kidding me?! Almost our whole community and civilization has gotten sucked into smart phones and social media sites and other connected devices, but the truth is that they are useful to a point. There is no need to stay on Facebook or Twitter for hours and hours, or to stare at your phone waiting for someones status to change or waiting for a text. Some things are necessary, like for instance communicating with someone, or knowing what is going on. I can even admit that some smart phones are useful than just phones. They can act as translators or drawing boards, or even workout schedules and that’s fine, but spending your life on your phone is just useless....
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