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Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Base station Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Diamalises Rivera Barceló
ENG 371
June 27, 2013
D. Coffman

The Cell phone use in the world or in society and schools.
Cell phone use has caused problems in the entire world. Now is the problem of cell phone use in schools. Caused by the same teacher or parents who forbid this technological object during class. This has been a big problem, which is bringing more and more problems in the world and has not talked solutions to solve this problem. I will discuss in this essay on three different points. About Advantages of phone, Positives and, negatives of cell phones in Class.

Mobile phones provide sense of security for primary school and secondary school students, because it is convenience way of reaching each other including their parents in emergency situations, which makes mobile phones most important devices in the world today. The recently launched mobile phones with GPS on board are also of great help, considering that the parents can now keep track of their child’s whereabouts by tracing their children mobile phones in real time.

However, the uses of mobile phones among primary and secondary school students have created a lot of distractions and are source of disturbance during classes. Students that bring mobile phone to class and don’t bother turning off its ring tones can disrupt the teachers’ lectures and disturb others when his or her phone rings. The positive of the cell phone in class or in school is used to emergency as in case a family member gets sick quickly one can communicate by cell phone use with any case familiar to resorb. Also serves as a student or a teacher suffering from something or something happens during class time or be in school because they can communicate using cell phone to call the police or doctor depends on the problem this happening. The mobile or cell phone is already part of one of the essential elements to our communication and comfort. We must make proper use of this...
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