cell phone
Topics: Time, Past, Present, Communication / Pages: 2 (446 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2013

Cellphone In this technology era, cellphones has become very useful tool to get work done easily. Cellphones nowadays do such a significant function in our lives in several fields, such as, Business fields, Medical fields, even more importantly, the personal usage of them. Cellphones with the intelligent functioning of humans have become capable of doing lot of different jobs such as instant communication and many other functions of them. However, before cellphones invention were not able to communicate as easily as nowadays, as a matter of fact, they were difficultly communicating through sending letters to each other, which was one of the easiest ways to communicate at that time: The best way to translate that contrasting is Cellphone Vs. Letters, which is the battle between the modern life and the ancient life.
When we observe how cellphones have made our lives much easier in many different ways, we would not be able to think about how difficult it was for people before cellphones to live and get in touch with their peers. Cellphones Vs. Letters is very proper equation to use, because by cellphones help us to contact our peers very easily and almost instantly. In contrast, when it comes to communication style in the past, people were having such a difficult time, because it used to take such a long period of time for the letter to reach its destination to the person that the sender is trying to contact. As an instance of how cellphones have made our lives easier, is that parents do not have to go and check on their children by themselves anymore, instead they would only text or call them so they would know where they are and get the relieving information which is very important for parents in order not to make their minds busy with all the thoughts about their children. On the other hand, communication without cellphones as it as in the past was very hard and

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