cell organelle

Topics: Cell membrane, Cell, Organelle Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Dear Cell Corporation,
I am the cell membrane. I am made up of a bi-lipid membranous layer composed of protein and carbohydrates. I don’t know how you can fire me considering all of the things that I am doing and the things that I have done for you. I work for you in both cells; the animal cell and the plant cell. I have been providing and am still providing support and protection. I control the movement of materials in and out of both cells. I am a barrier between the cells and their environments. I separate the cells intracellular and extracellular environments. I maintain homeostasis; I only select what is good and necessary for the cells to go through me. I regulate the entry and exit of substances. I have been the cell’s security since the beginning. I don’t know how you can fire me. No one else has done what I have done for the company. I am the most skilled in my field. I just can’t comprehend how you can fire me. I am a very valuable and important asset in the cells. Without me the cells would get many infections and diseases. The cells would receive the wrong items and the packages that they ship might not get to the desired recipient. I feel and know that my services are necessary to both cells. When the cells try to get out of shape I give them support so that they can go back to their original shape. I help transfer and receive packages. Without me the cells would become more vulnerable to diseases and will have a higher risk of dying. I oversee everything that comes in and out of the cell, if I don’t like something its not allowed to go through me. If I wasn’t there the cells would get invaded and can become overridden by other cells and can be killed. I am the fine line that protects the cell and everything that it does. I work with the nucleus and the other organelles in the cell to help determine what should enter and exit the cell. The bottom line is that it is a very bad decision to fire me because, well because of everything that is listed...
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