Cell Analogies

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Plant Cell>>Factory A:Nucleus>Main Office
The main office of a factory regulates all activities, and controls everything that happens inside the factory, as does a nucleus in a Plant cell.

B:Cell Membrane>Guard
The guard of a factory protects the factory from harm, and checks trucks, that are coming in, for anything that could harm the factory, as does the cell membrane of a
Plant cell. C:Nucleolus>Boss
The boss of a factory controls the office and has a high authority in the factory, that is much like the nucleolus because it is the main part of the Nucleus.

A custodian takes care of the restrooms in a factory, and he kills all the bacteria in the factory workspace, that is just what a lysosome does for a cell.

E:Central Vacuole>The Restrooms
The restrooms flush waste out of the factory and into the sewers, like a restroom, the central vacuole gets rid of waste inside the cell.

The generator generates all of the energy for the factory, that is the exact thing that the mitochondria do for the cell.

G:Golgi Apparatus>Packager
The packager prepares everything for transporting, the golgi apparatus packages macromolecules for transport in a cell.

H:Cell Wall>Walls
The walls of a factory keep everyone in the factory safe from any dangers outside, like the walls of a factory, the walls of the cell do the same thing.

Just like the golgi apparatus the ribosomes package something inside the cell.
There are many different types of packagers in a factory, ribosomes “package” protein.

J:Endoplasmic Reticulum(smooth)>Electrician
The electrician builds things that help the factory. The endoplasmic reticulum creates steroids and lipids to help the cell function.

Just like a forklift in a factory, the vesicle transport substances in a cell.

L:Chloroplast>Vending Machine Filler
A vending machine filler provides the snacks

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