Celia Behind Me

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Celia Behind Me

The themes in this story are all related to adolescence and the problems that come with it, as in gaining acceptance amongst friends and classmates as well as victimization, problems with one’s parents - a constant split between two minds concerning one with what is right or wrong. The relationship between the parents and their child is also discussed in this story as well as the parents’ roles in the upbringing of their children. Many children are victimized in the modern society and it has become a very serious problem and therefore also a much highlighted topic. The fact that there is such a high rate of victimization today in the modern schools could be a result from the great pressure that lies on children nowadays. How the parents wish for their children to become just as successful as themselves, if not even more and this pressure might be a reason as to why they become bullies. Their bullying could be a reaction on their inner frustration and grief and therefore to gain acceptance has great importance when it comes to youngsters, who are trying to adapt themselves to a certain environment The title “Celia Behind Me” obviously indicates that Celia is a person who is always two or three steps behind others – in this case her classmates. She keeps an inner fight to remain strong in the faith of gaining acceptance with the group that Elizabeth is a part of, but after she once failed to pass a test in school she started lacking behind even more. Celia is in general not very popular at her school due to her being a diabetic and slightly chubby. She is constantly being mocked by her classmates because she is such an easy victim with her slight oversize and her thick glasses. They call her fart because they find her to be nothing but an annoying and irritating object who they don’t want to waste their time on. But then there is Elizabeth. Elizabeth is being forced by her parents to be nice towards Celia and make sure no one mocks her ever...
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