Celestial Case Study 2 and 5

Topics: French language, Louisiana, Communication Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: October 8, 2008
Celestial’s virtual teams faced a number of problems that caused a rift between the teams and the team members as well. The first apparent problem was the differences in culture between America and the French based team. The U.S. based members believed that their PFM plan of action worked best because it has proven itself to be a success in the states. The French team was not quick to jump to this idea because they believe that this plan of action would not work. The French developed the “Nourrriture Excellente” which dealt with the French understanding of their customers rather than the American customers. Another problem faced by Celestial’s team was the makeup of the team itself. For example, there were meetings’ being held in Paris that were conducted in French, while the head boss Morris, unfamiliar with the French language, was present. This led to another problem. Morris had to rely on the team leader in France named Couture to relay information, making Morris dependent on Couture. Couture was also able to manipulate the French based team because of this. One other problem the team faced was the lack of communication between the groups. Meetings were unorganized and not much was accomplished. U.S. members that were supposed to be present were not, and there was lack of guidance in the teams. #5

Miscommunication was a factor that contributed to the initial lack of communication to the team. The U.S. was determined to initial PFM where as the French based team was determined to initial the NE plan of action. Both teams were being stubborn and would not leave any room for compromise. Another factor was the lack of successful meetings. When meetings were scheduled they be ended with nothing accomplished. It is also hard to communicate when your meetings themselves cannot even run smoothly. For example, the idea of using video conferences. Only one person can be seen and its very difficult to get everyone’s point across.

Gerry Hanover was...
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