Celebrity Role Models

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Supported by the advances of technology, fans are increasingly closer to their admired celebrities than times ago. The fact that celebrities are considered role models and inspire many people is not new. For a long time, many people have been looking up to celebrities as role models and imitating their styles, interests, and attitudes. Although some think that celebrities are appropriate role models for young people, the majority of people believe that celebrities can negatively influence their admirers harming their education.

Some people feel that famous celebrities can inspire their admirers and influence them to imitate celebrities style and attitudes; however, there is much evidence as famous actors involved in crime or drugs scandals confirm that it can be more harmful than beneficial. A recent scandal involving the famous actress Demi Moore who has been treating in a rehabilitation center for both alcohol and drug addiction illustrate the negatively effect of celebrities been consider role models.

Opponents who agree that celebrities are appropriate role models for young people claim that just as they achieved a successful career they can help people to conquer a promising career too. However, some crucial factors must be analyzed previously to understand how they reached this prominence position in society. Research show that the majority of U.S. celebrities in the past 20 years came from a rich, important, and famous family. These celebrities have a notorious successful career but the merit should be destined to their past generations.

The final argument advanced by opponents in favor to consider celebrities as role models for young people is that how they are always well informed of updates, imitate their style can be a good way to be conform with fashion. However, the media dictates the rules follow by celebrities, and not always their style match with the followers both personality and financial condition.

It should be evident that the...
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