Celebrity Endorsement

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Investigate the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image Bardia Yousef hakimi Faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia E-mail: Bardia_hkm@yahoo.com Tel: +60174152606 Abed Abedniya Faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia E-mail: Abed.abedniya@gmail.com Tel: +60126808177 Majid Nokhbeh Zaeim Faculty of Management, Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Malaysia E-mail: Majid.Zaeim@gmail.com Tel: +60173587896 Abstract Nowadays, celebrity endorsement is used more than ever before in companies’ sales strategies and marketing campaigns. Generally the types of celebrities who are used to endorse products are music artists, movie stars, and also famous athletes and sportsmen. This study sets out to find the amount of influence that celebrity endorsers have on customers and also the brand image as a whole. To reach this goal, there are five research questions mentioned that will help us come to a conclusion about celebrity endorsement. As there have been few academic literatures on the topic of the effectiveness and usefulness of celebrity endorsement in the field of advertising, I set it as the main goal of my studies to investigate the influence of celebrity endorsement as a promotional technique in Malaysia’s markets, by studying how much Malaysian consumer behaviors are effected by celebrity endorsement, and discovering the factors of celebrity endorsement that can affect the brand image. To appropriately gain the results required and, a questionnaire was distributed to a target group of consumers between the ages of 18 and 33 years old. This group of consumers came specifically from Multimedia University. The data collected from the surveys were studied, analyzed and utilized to come to suitable conclusions, which were ultimately used to find out whether celebrity endorsement would influence the target group of consumers from Multimedia University.

Keywords: Brand image, celebrity endorsement, endorser's credibility, endorser's attractiveness, advertising, perceived fit

Investigate the Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Brand Image


1. Introduction
Celebrities are popular among the public and they take pleasure in being recognized by numerous people. Good looks, classy lifestyles and special skills are only some of celebrities’ special features that are different from general people and are seen by the public, which grants them a large amount of the public’s attention. (Friedman and Friedman, 1979) explains that a celebrity is a person such as an actor, sportsman, entertainer, etc, who is different from the general public and is recognized by them, because of his or her achievements. One of the methods that firms use for their brand communication is endorsement. In this method they use celebrities to play the role of the spokesperson for their brand, which assures their brand’s place within the society by promoting the celebrity’s personality, fame and their influence on the public’s decisions. Celebrity endorsement can play a vital leading role when it comes to leading the public’s decisions, in a market which has a vast number of local, regional, and international brands. Making use of celebrities as part of a firms marketing strategy is a popular way of supporting the image of a firm’s brand. Large amounts of money are spent by companies, only to create brands which hold three important characteristics which are given by their celebrity endorsers: likeability, attractiveness and trustworthiness (Atkin and Block, 1983) which in return creates an increased competitive advantage for the firm’s products or services (Erdogan, 1999). In recent years, using celebrity endorsers has become more and more common. According to Byrne & Breen, studies have indicated that a more positive response, along with...
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